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Stack’em Tuesdays!


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Stack’em Tuesdays!

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The best cure is shopping

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My Weekly Purchases

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Can you believe this?

Its all Forever 21 minus the JC shoes!

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Here is my moment to say yes i have been incredibly behind in my posting and i can see it thru the lack of comments! cough cough!

Anyhow i have been working super hard and i’m not sure if i’m on an ADD run or if its actually something great…

This is the new year 2012 so if we are destined for this to be our last year on Earth i’m going to make it count.

Here are my adventures so i have everyone up to speed!:

1. Yes i will continue to post Daily Fashion Crack

2. I will be creating Looks still and i realize this is something i haven’t done in awhile!

3. I’m working on a few Freelance opportunities and i hope you all take the time to venture on their sites!

4. I will be creating two new sites

5. I will be hopefully this year or one day have an ecommerce site

6. Working for a huge magazine is my goal in life

7. I will start Vlogging upon request

8. I’m starting a side business with a friend

9. Hold Me!!! lol

So please brace yourselves things will go back to normal.

Love you All



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